To the Honourable the Knights, Citi­zens and Burgesses of the House of Commons, now assembled in Parliament.
The humble Petition of the Knights, Gentle­men, Freeholders, and other Principall In­habitants of the County of Somerset in be­halfe of themselves and many thousands of their County:


THat whereas in stead of a setled peace and safety (the long expected fruit of your faithful Endeavours and our cheerefull Contributi­ons) great distractions and dangers are dayly mul­tiplied and increased, threatning the utter disap­pointment of our hopes,& the overthrow of the ve­ry foundation of our Weale and Liberty, to our ex­treame griefe and sorrow, especially for the late breach of the priviledges of Parliament upon your Persons in an unparraleld manner, by the wicked counsels and devises of a malignant party (as we [Page] conceive) of Popish Lords and Bishops and others. We being struken with the sence and horror of so des­perate a mischiefe, do hold it high time to declare the sincere and ardent Affection of our hearts, which we are ready to seale with our purest blood, in defence of our Religion, his Sacred Majesty, our deare Country; and that which is the life of our Liberty, the Rights and Priviledges of Parliament.

May it therefore please this Honourable Assembly to assist the earnest desires of your Petitioners, That all Priviledges of Parliament (the Inheri­tance and safety of the Subject) may be made firme, that Popish Lords and Bishops be forth­with removed from voting in the House of Peeres, that all evill Counsellors and other De­linquents may receive condigne punishment; that a sufficient remedy be provided against the scan­dalous Ministers, that to secure us from all home­ [...] and forraigne practises, this Kingdome be [...] put in a Posture of Defence, and that [...]efe and Safety of our distressed Brethren [...] and be effectually prosecuted.

And We shall incessantly Pray, &c.

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