THE KINGDOMES MONSTER Vncloaked from Heaven: The Popish Conspirators, Malignant Plotters, and cruell Irish, in one Body to destroy Kingdome, Religion and Lawes: But under colour to defend them, especially the Irish, who having destroyed the Protestants There, flye hither to defend the Protestant Religion Here.

PaPist Conspirators Malligna­nt. plotters Against against Church parlement Kingdom cittye

O England looke upon this monstrous Thing,
That would our Kingdome unto ruine bring,
'Tis framed and composed of three parts
Which are all joyned both in heads and hearts:
Doe not behold it with a carelesse eye,
This Monster brings this Land to misery:
This Monster following its forefathers hate,
Seeks to destroy the Kingdome and the State:
While Church and Kingdom should oppressed lie
Subjected to their blinded Popery:
Long time it walked muffled in a cloak
Till Straffords head was cut off, then it broke
Out of the cloud, but Heavens holy hands
Hath now uncloak'd it, so that now it stands
In a full figure as this Picture here
Doth make it lively to your view appeare,
And in fit Emblems to your sight presents
His shape, his postures, and his blacke intents▪
So that if you behold it round about
You shall see how this Monster is set out;
His Spanish Ruffe, and Jacket shew him here
To be halfe Papist, and halfe Cavalier;
His left side Popish is, which on his breast
Is by the figure of the Crosse exprest;
Besides his Beads and Popish pardon be
Emblemes that speak his love to Papistry:
So on the left side Popish heads are got
Together ready to conspire and plot
Unfathom'd mischiefe, and lest they should want
Brain to be wicked, and should so be scant
Of knowledge how they might undo this land,
Plotting malignant heads against them stand:
The winged cluster of heads do discover
That Papists Rebels from Ireland flye over:
These to make strong their party, do combine
While in one body they together joyne,
Which in this Monster of the times exprest,
And to shew that there lodges in his breast
Nothing but cruelty, while 'tis his desire
To kill the Protestants, and their houses fire:
His double hands a sword, a knife containes▪
A match, a Poleaxe, and a torch that flames;
Thus arm'd you may aske what he means to do,
Alas! his dayly actions this doe shew;
He doth intend to change the Churches coat,
That masse may be sung through a Friars throat▪
And that the Protestants true Church may grow
Catholicke, and unto the Pope may owe
Supremacie, while Popery that hath bin
Long purged out, may be brought in agen▪
In hope whereof, they oppose the Parliament,
Which Papists once to blow up did consent,
As here the match in hand doth represent,
While the blacke fiend did further their intent▪
Besides this monstrous Body here compact
Of Papists, Irish and malignants act
Most horrid cruelties where they do approach,
Set out here by the sword in hand and torch;
Firing both Towns & houses where they come,
As they of late to Brimidgham have done;
And like unthankfull wretches have no pity
Neither upon this Kingdome nor this City,
But Nero like would laugh while it did burn,
And would massacre such as would not turn
To their Religion, robbing them of life,
Described by the hand armed with a knife:
Thus under sword and fire this Kingdomes lies
Bleeding, and is this Monsters sacrifice;
While Papists, Irish, and Malignants are
Drawne all into the body of a war,
Who breath destruction, and would ruinate
Church, Kingdome, City, Parliament, and State,
Therefore this Picture here set out may be
Called the Kingdomes Map of misery.
But there's a God that will at last regard
Our sufferings, and give them their just reward▪
Let them take heed, here on the side we see't.
They and the gallows at the last shall meet.

Printed in the Year, 1643.

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