¶The Copye of the letter folowynge whiche specifyeth of ye greatest and meruelous visyoned batayle that euer was sene or herde of

And also of the letter yt was sent frome the great Turke vnto our holy fad (er) ye pope of Rome

[depiction of cavalry battle]
[depiction of letter being delivered]

¶The Copye of the letter how yt the moste meruelous and wōder full felde was foghten / whiche of late hathe bene sene in the londe of Bergame..

¶Also ye copy of ye letter yt ye grete Turke sent to our holy fader the Pope.

Bartholomeus de clere ville
to his beloued frende ye lorde of veronoys hūfray bon messagier. Salute

NAt longe agone it hathe bene sene in afelde in londe of Bergame / & duryngly ꝑceiued .iij. or iiij. tymes in a day out of a certayne wode or forest is come a grete cōpany of men of warre on fote / to ye nōber of xij.M. in goodly aray / vnder ye obeysans or cōmandment of v. noble captaynes of ye whiche eche of them ware acōpanyed wt v.M. men of war well apoynted on their right syde / & on their left sy­de they were accōpanyed wyth an innumerable cō pany of men of warre on lyght horses. Betwene these men of warre that be on horsbacke or on fote in goodly aray was a grete nomber of bombardes cour [...]a [...]s / slyngis and other great peces of artylery And agaynst this goodly hooste before named ape­red another more goodlyer stronger / rycher / and in noble araye farre passynge & excedynge the other noble company / accompanyed wt semely men and noble captaynes rychely besene as noble of birth / ye wyche ij. noble ꝑtyes helde speche with eche other & wythin a lyttel whyle after come out of the wode before named wyth grete triūphe .iij. of .iiij. men on horsbacke / and because that these fornamed ꝑsona­ges ware or semed to be apoynted lyke nobell prin­ces therfore they ware taken in sight als royall kinges / the wyche ware accompanyed wyth one ꝑsone ryght triūphantly. Rydynge before them excellynge all ye other and coude nat of no beholders be ymagened [Page] what mans ꝑsone this myght be / but ye other dyd hym grete honour and reuerence. This same and selfe parsone went witht another ꝑsonage that abode hym on ye waye to speke with hȳ ye whyche semed to be knouwe for a kȳge accompanyed wt a grete nomber of many noble princes and lordes rychely besene / but they yt semed to be nexte vnto his ꝑsone they semed better to be embassadours than other men wtin a littel whyle after this kynge gaue a meruelous spytfull regarde shewynge yt he was very angry and vnpacyent be his coūtenans / drawyng of his gaūtlet of stele & wt an yrful coūtenāce casted it vp into the ayre in token of batayle. whan he had so done wt great haste he retourned vnto his armye where he had a meruelous goodly cōpany stondynge in a noble aray redy to embatayle with their ennemys than was there herd a great noyse of trompettes / clerons tromles wt other instrumentes / & an orryble voyse of artelery in suche maner that it semed to be ye noyse of helle ye whiche was very feerfull. Also there was sene a grete many of baners & standardes pight in ye felde right ryche to beholde on bothe partyes / & than was there foghten a felde or batayle the moste cruelle that myght be thought he mānes mynde ye which is nat well to be beleued so maruelously as it was don an halfe houre after that all thynges had ben done & eueryche departed there ware of vs some bolder one than a nother yt had beholden this great batayle or foghtē felde & went to ye fornamed place for to beholde & se [Page] whether they coude se or fynde any thynge or tokē lefte behynd of them that had foghten yt meruelous felde & whan they come to the place before named there they se so many & innūerable nomber of swyne yt they maruayled sore of that wonderfulle sight these swyne abode there but a lytell whyle in ye pla­ce where ye foghtē felde had bene / but they departed into ye fornamed wode or forest & ware no more sene Maister augustyne bienuenu & I Bartholomeus decleremont wt many more other gentylmen haue bene at ye fornamed place & sene all these fornamed thynges whan altogeder was done & endyd there was none other thȳge lest but ye fote steppes of men & horses wt foroughes of waynes & cartes / & ye trees sore bront and torne asonder wt the fyre of their ordenance or artilery yt had ben shote thourough. I shewe you playnly lorde vnfray yt he alone ought nat to be afrayde yt hathe sene this / but also they yt here of it / I ensuere you yt this is as trewe as god is in heuen yt created man of erthe in euery worde as I do wryte. and I certefye you that som of them yt ha­ue sene this be fallen into a grete sekenes & in peryl of dethe for grete fear / And I wolde wryte other thȳ ges to you but this is so maruelous & ferfull yt I to you no thynge ellis do vryte at this tyme / but that I me to you recōmend in my hertyest maner.. &c̄..


The Copy of ye letter that was sent from the great Turke vnto our holy fader the pope of Rome

MArboryn Ramosyn sone of the grete kinge Olifernes be the grace of ye great god Mahoun de descendyd of ye hye lyne captayne of Tartaryne Baron of Turkye / prince of ye hebreus. Emperour of parygōne of the londes of hungary and of wale ricque / of ye londe of Sury vnto paradys terrestre. atcheuer of Constantynople / and of the cristen lon­des geue knowlege vnto the grete preste of Rome yt we haue vnderstande yt you and your yonge kynge [Page] will warre vpon vs through ye broders request of the Rodes / but we beleue nat that the great god hathe geuen your so moche power / wherfore we cō mande you to ouerse this letter and tourne frome your great folisshenes / and cause for to sease ye .iiij. knyghtes of the Rodes / yt is to vnderstande Amaxqueron / Potell / Prophāne / and Gerson / or elles we will comme and visite you wyth .lxvi. noble kyn­ges of ours / and wyll do wyth your tēple of Rome as we haue done wt sant Sophys tēple at Constantynople and frome thens vnto the monte of Synay & in many other places throughe the helpe that we haue of our great god mahounde Also we send worde vnto your alyed yonge kynge that we wyl stry­ke of his hede in ye best cite of his royalme. & becau­se ye sholde knouwe that we be able ynough ther to we send you here .iij. giftes the first is plate gol­de / the seconde is clothe of golde / the thyrde is ryche orient perles wt precyous stones. and as for this tyme present / no more to you butt the great god Ma­honde kepe and preserue you

Emprented in ye famous cite of Andwarpe Be me / Iohn̄ of Doushorowe

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