The lamentatiō of the cōmounis of Scotland

QUhat thift, quhat reif, quhat murther, & oppressioū?
Quhat saikles slauchter, quhat mortall meserie?
Quhat pouertie, quhat derth and Tribulatioun?
Dois Ring be Grange all leidis on lyfe may se
The schame is thyne, thocht we the sorrow drie
Curst Nemrod richt of Babilone t [...]e cheif,
We Commounis all lowd vengeance cryis on the
Blaming thy tressoun the caus of all our greif.
¶ We sillie pure anis quhair we wer wont to gang
With Coillis and Cokillis, with Fische & sickly [...]e wair,
Upon our bakis als mekill as we micht fang
With mirrie sang all tripping into pairis.
To wyn our leuing in mercat at sic Fairis
Now we allace but reuth at rest with theif,
[...]aue we ane lyart na baid bot all is thairis
Blaming thy tressoun the caus of all our reif.
¶ Na vther lyfe we pure men bade of better
Nor with our Naiggis to gane to Edigburgh sone,
With Peittis, with Turuis, and mony turse of Hedder,
Ay gat gude saill syne lap quhen we had done.
For miriynes, and with the licht of Mone
We wald ga hame but outher [...]ray or chace,
Quhair now in sorrow fra dure to dure we clune,
Blaming thy tressoun of all our cair allace.
We Coilzearis, Cadgearis, and Carteris in ane ro [...]
Be bludie Wolfis that Grange hes maid to steir,
Our hors is rest, our selfis ar doung but dout
Quhair we did trauell we dar not now appeir.
Out of our Ludge we tak of thame sic s [...]ir
Thocht it wald vs ten thousand Crownis auance
With morning Prayer we curse thame maid this we [...]
Blaming thy tressoun the caus of our mischance.
Allace we Chapmen may with Creilmen murne
Thay sillie men that brocht thair butter and [...]gges
To Edinburgh Croce and did na vther turne,
And we agane wald by ane Fraer of Fegges
Baith prenis and nedillis and sell t [...] land wart Megges
Than micht we trauell quhair we dat not this day
Bot lyis at hame, but meit, na drink b [...]t dregges
Blaming thy tressoun the caus of all our fray.
¶ Quhat wicht on lyfe will not vs pure pietie?
That wont to bring the woll, the skin, and hyde
To Edinburgh Towne in peice and Cheritie,
Fra Selkirk, Hawik, and the partis of C [...]yde.
Quhair now allace in hoill and boir we [...]yde
As wratches werie the Coreno [...]he we carpe
Dar not keik out for Rebellis that dois ryde
Blaming thy tressoun of this our sorrow scharpe.
We Tinklaris, Tailzeouris, we craftismen out of nū ­be [...]
That be our craft had ay ane boneit lyfe,
We wait of nocht bot mekill cair and cummer
Our Ioy is turnit in wo and mortall stryfe.
All our gay garmentis of sindrie fassounis tyfe
We thame wedset our bodyis to sustene
Na work ado bot beg bait [...] barne and wyfe
Blaming thy tressoun that causis vs complene.
We Merchandis all that with our Merchand pakkis
Did trauell ay, fra Towne to Towne, to Fairis
Thow hes vs baneist, thow hes vs fleit fra crakkis,
We sit at hame na saill is to our wairis.
Thocht we wald trauell thy reiffaris sa vs clairis
With reif but reuth, but pietie with extortioun
But mirth in meserie thay horribill houndis vs tairis
Blaming thy tressoun the caus of our oppressioun.
We commounis all with cair we may lament
That had sic peice, sic rest and vnitie
And now allace ar rugit, reuin and rent
Our steidis ar stowne, our cattell rest trewlie
With weiping wallaway nane may we [...]yte bot the
Thow Feind Infernall thow gariis vs walk our s [...]
Quhair we afoir did sleip richt quye [...]lie
Blaming thy tressoun the caus of all our wo.
Bot sen with sith ze Cammounis do complene
With sob full lair richt trewly sall I tell
I Iames Dalzell Ind wellar in the Dene,
Be Grange smaikis I wait send be him sell
Hes schot my wyfe throw birsket lyre and fell
Scho greit with barne syue gaif the gaist with plan [...]
Than cryit my bairnis with mony zout and zell
Blaming thy tressoun that had thatt Mother slan [...]
¶ Thay reuthles Ruffeis but reuth with crueltie
Did slay my husband but ca [...]s into my [...]icht,
Downie Ros be Name ane Cuitlar of craft trewli [...]
With Gūn [...]s him gord but mercy on the nicht
I and my bairnis [...]all cra [...] Goddis plaigues tul rich [...]
To fall the Grange thow cruell Cokadraill
With fourtie ma nor did [...]n Pha [...]o licht
Blaming thy tressoun that causis vs bewaill
Sen not but caus we wyte the of this wa
With panefull pech, with mony grank and grane,
The curse, the wareis, but blys fra top to ta
Lat neuer thy freind se oucht of the bot schame.
With cursit deith that mony man the blame
Lucifer was heich, bot Lord thow threw him downe
Sa will he the, thow graceles Grange be Name
Blaming thy tressoun with sorrow but Renowne.
☞ O tenefull Tyrane, O Gyant mekill but micht,
Of vitious deidis thow art the only Fontane
Quhair fra all vice but vertew springis full richt
As dois the watter out of the Rok or Montane
We pure sall cry with eie hartis fast dontane
To the O God, to scurge this wickit wicht,
In Iust exempill to all the warld maist certane
Blaming thy tressoun the caus of all our plicht.
☞ Had thow bene trew but tressoun to our Roy
And to his Regent, gaif the that hauld to keip,
As thow did sweir, we had not had this noy
We micht had peice, quhair now in weir we weip.
In wo, but weill, [...]ut plesure in pane sa deip
Be the O Tratour, that Rebellis did r [...]ssaif
Into that hauid with the thairin to creip
Ha tressoun untrew will gar ane widdie waif.
¶ Now lat vs all with hart and mynde vs dres
Baith euin and morne, richt law downe on our kne,
With hyddeous schout all we baith mair and les
For vengeance Iust, with rene to fall on the.
O thow O Lord, and God in persoun thre
Consume this wratche with Brintstane fyre and thūde [...]
That persecuitis thy Sanctis with crueltie
Ha tressoun vntrew ane tow will schaik in schunder.
¶ Preserue with micht fra slicht of sais defend
Our King gude Lord, and als his Regent eik:
Lat neuer thair micht, but richt, with hand ay bend
Haue strenth or power thame for to hurt or wreik.
We thy pure liegis sall pray and als beseik
To send the grace, lang space in weilfair wend
That we may se the puneis vice but meik
And tressoun all sessoun, with this we mak ane en [...]

¶ Imprentit at Sanctandrois be Robert Lekpreu [...]. ANNO. DO. M. D. LXXII.

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