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An intensive introduction to markup and the Guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative

1. Abstract

This 1 day workshop will give you a practical introduction to markup using the oXygen XML Editor as well as an intensive introduction to the Guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative. This will introduce concepts of markup, XML, and the TEI framework before introducing the recommendations for how a variety of textual phenomena can be recorded. Special attention will be focussed on the recommendations for the transcription, editing, and description of manuscripts and early-printed books, as well as the support for prosopography and information about places.

2. Aims of the Course

  • To introduce the concept of markup and XML encoding
  • Provide hands-on experience in using TEI XML markup (using the oxygen XML editor)
  • Intensively survey the basics of the TEI scheme, its assumptions and organisation
  • Survey some of the conventions for manuscript transcript and description
  • Expose students to the support for prosopographical markup.

4. Materials

Please download IntroToTEI.zip in which you will find exercises, materials, spoliers. All licensed CC+BY.

If you have any difficulty unzipping the IntroToTEI.zip, then you may also download the files individually:

James Cummings. Date: 19 January 2016
Copyright University of Oxford