Data vs Presentation

by Magdalena Turska | @magdaturska

University of Oxford | DiXiT ITN

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my bias

I mostly care about data modelling aspects that allow and facilitate preservation of information from the historical sources and the knowledge of editors in an explicit and consistent manner

BorĂ¥s testimony

scholarly editions

  • make the original sources accessible
  • enrich them with external knowledge

is there something particularly scholarly about

  • the aesthetical value?
  • usability?
  • system of particular visual clues adopted to communicate certain aspects?


how much would the scholarly value changed when these factors change?

scholarship is in the encoding

presentation just facilitates decoding for the purposes of transmission

'twas always thus

now, just imagine what could be done with a bit of money to spend on front end and search facility

remember: no touching the data!

but to even think about more and better functionality

we need the data

right to forget

for the long haul


'twas always thus

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