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Leveraging the Text Encoding Initiative

1. Workshop Programme: July 20-24 2015

  • 11-12.30 TEI Clinic: up to four participants will present their own projects in some detail. A panel of TEI experts will comment on the issues raised, and respond to questions from the floor.
  • Lunchtime
  • 14-15:30 Welcome to the XML Family. Part 1: an overview of CSS and XPath (MB) material XPath exercise
  • 16-17.30 Welcome to the XML Family. Part 2: Transforming and extracting data with XSLT & XQuery exercise(MT)
  • Lou Burnard.
  • Magdalena Turska.
  • Elena Spadini.
  • Misha Broughton.
  • Emmanuel Château.

Lou Burnard and Magdalena Turska. Date: July 2015
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