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An Intensive Introduction to the Guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative

University of St Andrews, 2014-10-10, Swallowgate Computer Classroom, 9am – 5:30pm

1. Abstract

This one-day course will provide an intensive introduction to the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI), a standard for the representation of texts in digital format, which is widely used by scholars to create texts to be used as research data. It will consist of a series of short talks, interspersed with practical exercises using the oXygen XML editor, and topics covered will include XML tagging and conversion, using popular sections of the TEI Guidelines, metadata, customisation of the TEI framework, and publishing/transforming TEI files.

2. Aims of the Course

  • To introduce the concept of markup and XML encoding
  • Provide hands-on experience in using TEI XML markup (using the oxygen XML editor)
  • Intensively survey the basics of the TEI scheme, its assumptions and organisation
  • Introduce the notion of TEI Customisation
  • Provide routes into more detailed information for exploration later.

4. Materials

Please download IntroToTEI.zip in which you will find four folders: talks, exercises, materials, spoliers. Almost everything licensed CC+BY.

James Cummings. Date: 10 October 2014
Copyright University of Oxford