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1. Before you start

In exercise 1 you learned how to mark up the basic structure of a TEI document, but there is a lot more we could do. In this exercise we are going to focus on the many proper names we find throughout the text.

The TEI offers a generic <name> element, a <persName> element for personal names, a <placeName> element for names of places, and an <orgName> element for names of organizations. Your task is a simple one: hunt down as many as you can of the names in an issue of Punch and disambiguate them.

As you probably noticed, Mr Punch tends to put people's surnames into small caps, and also occasionally italics or bold, so this is not such an impossible task. Be careful though — he doesn't always do this (Miss C E Collet in the first paragraph is a case in point).

2. Marking up names

  1. Open the file you saved at the end of the first exercise (exercise-1b.xml) in oXygen and make sure that this file is valid against the tei_ipp.rnc schema. (If you didn't finish the exercise, never mind: we have thoughtfully prepared a suitable file for you in the file spoilers/exercise-1b.xml)
  2. Now look at each <hi rend="sc"> and decide whether you want to replace it with a <persName> or a <placeName>, or leave well alone.
  3. Also add <persName> or <placeName> tags to any other person or place names you recognise as such.
  4. Particularly in Toby's Report from Parliament, you will see several people referred to by their title or position. For example, ‘the Premier’ is a reference to Asquith, the ‘Leader of the House’ is Lord Crewe, and the ‘Chancellor’, ‘Chancellor of the Exchequer’ etc. are all ways of referring to Lloyd-George. We suggest you mark these, and similar, as <persName> elements too, for reasons which will become apparent in due course.

3. Finding out who's who

Information about some of these people is readily available online from sources such as Wikipedia or the Oxford Dictionary of Biography. For example, the mysterious Miss C.E. Collet is described in the DNB at http://www.oxforddnb.com/view/article/39079; and ‘Bombadier Wells’ is documented in Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombadier_Billy_Wells. Sometimes of course it's Mr Punch's sense of humour which prevents us from identifying the person intended (suggestions for ‘Dude Alexander’ are welcomed); but often the person referred to is just not documented in any online resource we've been able to find (for example the elusive Harry C. Wise).

You should be able to track down quite a lot of the people referred to in this article by searching online at Wikipedia or in the DNB entry; to save time we've already done some of the research for you: see the file punch-notes.xml included in the Work folder on your USB key.

You'll also notice that the same person may be referred to several times. In the rest of this exercise you will create single places where information about each person can be stored, and linking the references in the text to them.

4. How <person>s are made

  1. Make a <listPerson> element in the appropriate place in the <teiHeader> of your document. It should appear inside a <particDesc> element, inside a <profileDesc>, inside the <teiHeader>.
  2. Now start adding <person> elements to the list. Give each one an identifying code (you can make these up any way you like, but they must be unique). As a minimum we suggest you record for each person their full name (using <persName> or any of its components), their date of birth (using <birth>) and their date of death (using <death>).
  3. Now link your existing <persName> elements, either to the <person> element, or to the online reference that describes them.
    • For example, if you want to link Miss Collet to her DNB entry, you would add the URL given above:
      C. E. Collet</persName>
    • If on the other hand you want to provide your own description for her, you would first create it as a <person> element like this:
      <person xml:id="COLLET">
       <persName>Clara Elizabeth Collet</persName>
       <birth when="1860-09-10">Islington, London.</birth>
       <death when="1948-08-03">Sidmouth, Devon.</death>
      Wikipedia entry</ref>
      and then link the reference in the Punch text to that description like this:
      <persName ref="#COLLET">Miss
      C. E. Collet</persName>
  4. Try to do at least half a dozen! Remember to check that your file is still valid TEI! When you're done, we suggest you save the file under a different name: exercise-4.xml for example.

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