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This seminar will give both an overview of the principles, architecture and component of the recent edition of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) guidelines as well as concrete illustration of its application in specific scientific fields.

The programme is organized as follows:
  1. The TEI: An overview of the history, origins, context, of the TEI as a standards initiative. How it differs from (and resembles) other standards initiatives. Why it is of interest to the DC community. Current scope and coverage. (LB 40 mins.)
  2. The TEI Architecture TEI Technical infrastructure. ODD. Modules and how to combine them. TEI Header and bibliography. Typical TEI toolchains and working environment. LR 40 mins.
  3. questions/break
  4. The TEI Casebook (1): historical dictionaries. Literary texts. Casebooks, showing how TEI is used in real life projects e.g. Campe dictionary, W├╝rzburg Jean Paul Edition, parallel corpora. WW 40 mins.
  5. The TEI Casebook (2): digital editions: facilities for building and integrating manuscript descriptions, transcriptions, metadata, images. LB 40 mins.

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