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Marking up Mayakovsky

In this exercise you will apply what you have learned so far to a practical purpose. Your task is to produce a new digital edition of a classic of Russian literature: Mayakosky's autobiographical text I Myself (Я сам)

This will involve the following tasks:
  • look at the source materials (in Resources/Yasam) to identify the features of the original that your markup should capture
  • think about the functionality you want your digital edition to support: who is it for and how will they use it?
  • define a TEI schema appropriate to the project
  • prepare a marked-up text

We suggest that the first two tasks should be done in small groups, who will discuss the options and reach a consensus, which they will then feed back to the rest.

1. Task 1: what is important in this text?

Make a list of the important features of the text. If you know the TEI element that corresponds with each feature, or can suggest a way of encoding it in TEI, please do so! If you don't, just describe the feature concerned informally.

Markup costs time and money. When you have made your preliminary list, assume that your budget has been halved, and go through the list again, deciding which features you can live without.

Now report back. Did everyone agree with you?

2. Task 2: what is the purpose of making this digital edition?

What kind of people do you think will want to use your digital edition and what kinds of uses will they make of it?

Are there aspects of your markup that would help one sort of use more than another?

What kind of technical factors will you take into account when making this edition?

3. Task 3: Making a schema

If you feel confident using Roma, please go ahead and make yourself a schema.

We will make one for you, on the basis of the results from the previous two steps.

4. Use Oxygen to markup your text

  • Create a new XML document, specifing the new schema
  • Make a TEI Header
  • Markup the structure of your text first
  • To save typing, you can cut and paste from the text-only version of the source

Date: 2008-07-07
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