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The timetable for the workshop is as follows:
Session Topic
Session 1: Reminders of the concept of textual markup, XML, and editing options for TEI users in Chinese. Work with editing texts.
Session 2: Introduction to the TEI, its class system, default text structure, and core elements and header. Work with TEI Roma application.
Session 3: TEI and localization. A look at how the TEI is internationalized and localized, and what the impact of this is on its usage.
Session 4: TEI P5. What has been added to the TEI in the last five years? Looking at the new features of the scheme.
Session 5: TEI Applications. What can you do with a text marked up in TEI XML, apart from simply displaying it?
Session 6: Accessing TEI texts. Untangling the XML markup and extracting what you need, with particular reference to the TEI XSL stylesheet family and its localization features.

TEI catalogue of elements, partly in Chinese

Sebastian Rahtz. Date: 2008-03-13
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