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1. Workshop Abstract

This full-day workshop runs from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m on Wednesday 31 October, with a mid-day break for lunch.

Are you new to the TEI or a TEI P4 user who has heard about TEI P5, but dosen't know where to start? have you been following discussions on TEI-L, but get lost in the technical details? have you started using TEI P5, but feel you aren't exploiting new features as much as you could?

This day long hands-on workshop will begin with a basic overview of the TEI Guidelines: the structure of the TEI as a text encoding system and the major changes from P4 to P5 in the way the TEI is generated and organised. Presentations will focus on an overview of some of the more important TEI P5 chapters, especially those which have changed substantially since P4. Additionally, there will be two hands-on practical exercises. The first of these will give users a chance to practice their TEI P5 markup, while the second will give them experience in customising the TEI for the more specific needs many projects have. The day will conclude with a question and answer session and a group discussion on attendees' own projects. The workshop will be taught by James Cummings (JC) and Dot Porter (DP)

3. Workshop Materials

All the workshop materials are available for re-use under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Rendered HTML, PDF Slides and XHTML slides are available from the timetable above. The underlying workshop materials are available as 2007-10-31.zip.

James Cummings and Dot Porter. Date: 2007-10-31
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